Friday, September 23, 2005

Shakespeare with Dachshunds!

I've head some pretty great teachers over the years, but one of my favourite teachers was the incomparable Miss Muriel Morris back at Chilliwack Senior. In Grade 12 she taught me both AP English and BC's fantastic Lit 12 course. She also introduced us to the joys and traumas of the Socratic method of instruction: posing jugular questions and always asking the class, "Who can take it farther?" Very powerful stuff for sixteen and seventeen year olds to be asked. Miss Morris' approach has definitely inspire my own teaching efforts over the years. She has this very enjoyable little site called Shakespeare Goes to the Dogs that uses cartoon wiener dogs to illustrate Shakespeare plays. And the best part is she has done some of the lesser known works (Timon of Athens, Merry Wives of Windsor, etc.) in addition to the old High School standbys. Thanks Miss Morris!


Blogger Krista said...

Ms. Morris sound pretty cool. Sounds like she is totally original in her approach with bringing her students to Shakespeare plays. She's pretty creative...AWESOME!!! :)

1:37 PM  
Blogger Jamie, Julie-Ann & Emily said...

Matt, Krista, it's great to read your stuff. Krista your poetry is fab, we am glad you have found an avenue to let us read it!
We have just signed up to Blogger. Check us out at
Keep in touch!!
jand jaxx

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