Friday, September 09, 2005

Help! Matthew's hijacked the blog!!!...aaaah!

Just thought I'd contribute a little something....seeing as I haven't done so in quite a while. Matthew seems to have hijacked the blog :) Actually I just didn't know the password and all that until now I can actually make some contributions. Well, what's new with me? Matthew and I were at our Orthodox camp here in Alberta (Pigeon Lake) a few weeks ago. He helped with the teaching and I was assistant camp nurse. My camp name was Scout...and Matthew's was Boo. We were continuing on with the "To Kill a Mockingbird" theme, seeing as another councillor's name was Aticus. At camp my brother, who was also a councillor was stung by over 17 Bees!...yikes!

Matthew and I each have new Godsons. My little one's name is Jonathan Thomas Place. He's just over 2 months old now and Matthew and I had the pleasure of babysitting him recently it was loads of fun! His family goes to our parish here in Edmonton. Matthew's new Godson's name is Leon Isaac Brower.....He lives over in England with his pretty cool parents. I thought it'd be a neat idea to include a picture of each of them. They are true blessings in our our lives :)

The baby being held is Jonathan. I threw a baby shower over here at our place for his mother and him. It was a lot of fun....a packed house too!

As well, the little one with the hat is Leon.....sooo cute right? We Love them both very much and may God bless them richly in their lives.


Blogger Browler said...

Guys, I've found your blog at last! Thanks for the pic of Leon on it.

Check out ours at -- can i put a link to yours on our blog?


ps, see you in Russia, right?

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