Friday, July 07, 2006

"...that all may be One."

I realize that this happened a few months ago, but I've not yet heard much of anything about this until now. The All-Diaspora Council of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia took place in San Francisco, with the Light of Pascha still shining, May 6-14th. They gathered in the Cathedral where just a few weeks later, Dave and Stacy and their friends venerated St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. From all reports, the Sobor looks to have been a kairos moment, opening the door to healing the wounds of the twentieth century within our Orthodox Church. There are many amazing pictures on the website, including many moving ones of the beautiful hierarchical services and Liturgies. This article from Archbishop Mark of Berlin tells some of the struggles, errors, and sacrifices, as well as preparations leading up to this important Sobor. I know that families and dear friends have been broken apart by the wounds inflicted by the separation within our Orthodox churhces. For over 80 years, there has been brokenness and strife. Now may the oil of anointing flow, mutual repentance continue, and our Communion be realized and restored.


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Awesome. So if the ROCOR is re-united with the Russian church, does that mean that the ROCOR is also reconciled with the OCA?

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oooo... I'm a little slow in reading. Getting caught up now.


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