Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Trees are Glad You're Back

Krista and I have been listening to our friend Amy's new album The Trees Are Glad You're Back since Saturday night. In honour of the title, we dropped by her new place last night with a spruce-scented candle (and to pick up a few more cd's for friends). Anyway, these songs are excellent, and rightly garnering some critical acclaim. Here's what CKUA's Luka Symons had to say when Amy was her feature artist on Nightcap October 12th:

"Take a piano. Put it in your living room by the wood burning stove. But not too close. And write. Write until you can't help but want to play the songs outside of your living room. That's Amy Seeley. Originally hailing from Montana but now calling Edmonton home, The Trees Are Glad You're Back just out on Shameless Records is the first full-length release by this budding piano songstress. Here is a gifted songwriter, crafting painfully vulnerable reflections with an uncanny sense of dignity. Her captivating performances continually strike and emotional nerve with her audience. Trees gives listeners the heartbreaking magic they have come to hope for in any Seeley tale."

Congratulations, Amy!

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Blogger matthew christopher davidson said...

Hey Matthew,

That's pretty awesome. Did you know that my friend Greg Gillespie, the man behind Trainsleeper (another Shameless artist) was one of the first artists signed to Amy's label? He and I used to live together. You should check Trainsleeper out. Really cool music.

7:58 PM  

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