Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We Shall Overcome the Devils and Dust

The Boss is putting out a new record of Pete Seeger classics. I read a story at lunch today about it in The New York Times. My first thought: "Again to Paradise..."

Here it is from the man himself: "In 1997 I recorded "We Shall Overcome" for Where Have All The Flowers Gone: The Songs Of Pete Seeger. Growing up a rock n' roll kid I didn't know a lot about Pete's music or the depth of his influence. So I headed to the record store and came back with an armful of Pete Seeger records. Over the next few days of listening, the wealth of songs, their richness and power changed what I thought I knew about "folk music." Hearing this music and our initial '97 session for Pete's record sent me off, casually at first, on a quest....It was a carnival ride, the sound of surprise and the pure joy of playing. Street corner music, parlor music, tavern music, wilderness music, circus music, church music, gutter music, it was all there waiting in those songs, some more than one hundred years old. It rocked, it swung, it rolled. It was a way back and forward to the informality, the freeness and the eclecticism of my earliest music and then some."



Blogger kimberley said...

good surprises in the record store, no matter who you are, i guess.

My new fav is Shannon McNally; Pale Moon and all the good sailing ditties. She's on that /American Folk/ homemade CD that you guys put on, that night Owen+family were over.

You know the one. Me: Cool, who's music is THIS!??

and you guys were like: ah, Yours I guess.

Yeah, she's amazing.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Matthew Francis said...

That's awesome. Glad you're liking it...

Just from the snippets available online, I predict this Springsteen record is going to be the soundtrack to our summer.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Simply Victoria said...

aahhh, I love it when people with superb taste recommend music.
a new musical adventure for me.
thanks francis'!

6:19 PM  
Blogger Browler said...

Ok, on your recommendation, Matt, I'm going to go down to one of my local pirates and buy a copy for 119 roubles.

Sorry, Bruce.

4:38 AM  

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