Friday, December 30, 2005

I'll let the cat out of the bag...

Okay, this has been a hard week, especially with the loss of our good friend Derek due to a sudden heart attack Wednesday morning in South Africa. This is the closest loss like this that I have known. He was much like a brother to me in many ways. May his memory be eternal and may God Himself be with Heather and their child coming into the world! All you praying friends, please do remember them...

It's also been a full week with various projects on the go, and some humour would really be great right about now. Derek would have understood this... everybody knew he was charming, but also extremely funny in his own way... the phone calls with various ethnic accents.... That said, I don't know how funny what follows actually is. More likely just unusual and maybe mildly amusing.

Some time ago... well, November, was National Novel Writing Month. This little event has been around five years or so and attempts to get people to write a novel in one calendar month. This year our friend Victoria was encouraging everybody to get on board. So I gave it the old college try, getting no more than a short story out there... perhaps inkling towards a chapter someday should I ever look at this again. Anyway, this is loosely based upon a true story. Enjoy them Grand Ducals first!


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