Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Willie Nelson, Archbishop John and a quote from Fr. Schmemann

"One reaches a point when it becomes clear that there is nothing to understand, that all complexities are imagined, that it is all a sort of fog we raise to cover up our sins and to avoid having to face them. The problems of contemporary consciousness, of young people, are often rubbish. There are two sources of sin: flesh and pride. And people are often trying to cover them up with complexities so that they look nice and deep (‘He has great problems…’).

…The truth is much simpler: flesh and pride. They are the true keys to problems and difficulties, the root of endless discussion, the whispers during the dullest confessions, of all the introspection and morbid self-indulgence.
- From "The Journals of Fr. Alexander Schmemann


Blogger Rachel said...

Mwahahahaa! I found it! the famed picture of willie nelson and archbishop john i see you at last!

Don't mind me, i've just been browsing for an age or two looking specifically for this pic. Nice blog Matt & Kris!

8:27 PM  

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